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Minnesota Paralyzed Veterans of America (MNPVA), founded in 1993, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization assisting veterans with spinal cord injury and disorders (SCI/D). We are a local chapter of the National Paralyzed Veterans of America, working together to enhance the lives of SCI/D veterans.  MNPVA also works with many veteran and disabled partners, allowing collaboration on joint goals.

MNPVA strives to enhance the quality of life for disabled veterans.  We accomplish this with our core programs.

√ Advocacy – MNPVA promotes barrier-free design through legislative and advocacy programs.

√ Medical Research – We support research, education, and innovative adaptive technology to enhance the lives of those with disabilities.

√ Sports and Recreation – Our organization provides and facilitates access to adaptive sports and recreation opportunities.

√ Membership – MNPVA supports our members through various programs, including mentoring and educating others about our services

√ Liaison – We work with our VA Medical Centers to ensure our members stay well connected with healthcare resources

We operate all of our programs with the belief that all disabled veterans should be able to live with dignity and independence. We energetically focus on advocacy, financial support for medical research, and recreational opportunities; we help remove barriers to everyday life, treatment, and care.

Legislative and Advocacy Programs

Advocating for our veterans with SCI/D continues to be a critical component of Minnesota Paralyzed Veterans of America. We seek to ensure all veterans have the same opportunities to thrive as civilians. We remain committed to easing the everyday struggles of disabled veterans by promoting barrier-free design & access, serving as a resource on ADA and accessibility, and educating others.

As a member of the Minnesota Commander’s Task Force, we stay engaged with our government leaders, helping to make them aware of the critical issues faced by our SCI/D veterans. We remain fierce advocates for all veterans, but especially those veterans living with the challenges of disabilities. Since our organization focuses on SCI/D veterans, we believe we provide unique and valuable insights for our state and national leaders as they examine veterans and disability issues.

Medical Research

MNPVA supports research, adaptive technology innovation, and educational programs that affect those living with SCI/D. This support includes financial contribution and collaboration with researchers as they explore treatment and seek a cure for SCI/D. PVA provides various Clinical Practice Guidelines and other publications to help educate others about living with spinal cord injuries and disorders, including related complications.

Governor Tim Walz and MNPVA President Vicky Garrison
Minnesota Governor Tim Walz takes a moment to chat with MNPVA president Vicky Garrison at a Commander's Task Force event.
Wheelchair Archery
By partnering with VA professionals, we can provide our veterans with the right equipment and education for their activities.

Sports & Recreation Opportunities

Our organization provides many accessible opportunities for SCI veterans to stay active, such as hunting, bowling, target shooting, archery, sports events, and more.  MNPVA developed our equipment to make these fun activities more accessible for our veterans, like our specialized bowling ramps.

We provide opportunities to attend major league sporting events such as Twins baseball, Vikings football, and Wild hockey games at no cost to our members.  Resources and support are also available for recreational activities outside of our planned events.  Inactivity is dangerous for disabled veterans, and MNPVA is passionate about creating ample accessible opportunities to stay active.

MNPVA also seeks to eliminate obstacles veterans encounter during engagement in sports and other forms of leisure.  Making these opportunities available to all veterans, regardless of physical or mental ability, entails providing the resources, equipment, and space required for activities.  Our mission is to provide all veterans with the necessary resources to live a happy, productive life.

Peer Mentoring

MNPVA values a veteran’s access to the community, including social interaction.  For this reason, our members can take advantage of our peer mentoring program.  MNPVA connects veterans who have experienced a spinal cord injury or disorder and can get support from others in a similar situation through this service.  We strive to be a welcoming group where veterans may interact, share their experiences, and learn from one another.  The peer mentorship program promotes a more positive and happy lifestyle by decreasing veterans’ feelings of isolation and loneliness.


Veterans who have suffered a spinal cord injury or disease have a vocal ally in the Minnesota chapter.  Our organization continues to improve the quality of life for veterans through advocacy and legislative efforts, persisting to remove barriers to employment, education, housing, healthcare, community access, and recreational activities.  Paralyzed Veterans of America positively and comprehensively impacts the lives of our nation’s veterans.  MNPVA plays an essential role in connecting our Minnesota veterans affected by spinal cord injury and disorders to services available to them.