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My whole life, I have had zero interest in sports, watching or playing. I am, however, willing to try just about anything once, providing it’s legal. Over the last few years, I have tried many new activities and found that I am pretty good at them. It keeps me active and moving and gets me out of the house. Having Multiple Sclerosis I want to try as much as possible while I still can and hope these activities will help delay further disability.

-Karl Olson, MNPVA Board Member

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Meetings, Education Opportunities, and Fun Activities

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Minnesota Paralyzed Veterans regularly sends athletes to the annual National Veterans Wheelchair Games as well as other events throughout the year. These opportunities provide activity, social interaction, and a great sense of accomplishment to our veterans!

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Help our Nation’s Disabled Veterans

Make a direct impact on a veteran’s life today by joining our mission.   Through the generosity of others, MNPVA continues to build on the thirty years we’ve helped our Minnesota veterans.  Donating takes very little time, and we promise not to hound you.  If you have spare time, the reward is great for our volunteers and veterans!

Change Starts with You!

Join us in our grassroots efforts to advocate for our veterans!  The best way to do this is with the voices of our citizens.  Minnesota Paralyzed Veterans of America provides two convenient ways to support common sense changes to enhance the lives of our nation’s bravest.  Keep up with both National and State issues using the tools below.

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