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MNPVA Members, Associate Members, PVA Chapters, National and Partners (3/23/20)

      Minnesota PVA will be closing today at 12:00 CST and working from home until further notice. I will be coming in once a week to check the mail and help one of the board members with other chapter business. Please understand that this is due the safety and health of our chapter at this time. If you need anything please call us at 612-467-2263 or email us at

     Email will be the fast way to communicate with us at this time as we will be checking the regularly as I work from home. Voicemail will be checked through out the day, but I will have to call in to check it. 

We appreciate you understanding during this time.

Thank you and stay safe,

Ken Klein and Stephanie Dennis

President and Executive Director


Bowling at both locations suspended until further notice

Minnesota Paralyzed Veterans of America members,

          I just wanted to send you out a quick update on what the chapter is hearing about COVID – 19 and what the VA is putting out. 

Many of you may already know this if you receive emails and text messages from the VA, however, we would just like to make sure that we are doing our part in sharing this information and other information that we know.

          As of right now I am still in the office daily, so our chapter is able to continue to run as normal. We will continue to do so as long as we are allowed to be here. However, that being said, we are still letting you know that you cannot come to the SCI Center unless you have an appointment or are here at the VA for another reason. They are very strict on visitors at the moment. If you are here and do stop in, we ask that you continue to adhere to 6-foot space that the CDC is asking people to keep between them when out to help prevent the spread of the virus. You can always call or email that office with questions. 612-467-2263 or

Many of you may have had some of your appointments already canceled here at the SCI Center this week and going into the future weeks. This again is to limit the amount that you have to be out of your house and in public right now. If you have questions, please call the SCI Center @ 612-629-7005.

          The SCI Center inpatient unit as well as several other units at the VA have a policy that went into effect last week that limits visitors to the point that only under approved circumstances are, they allowed. This is again is to limited exposure of those that are inpatient at this time. If you have questions, please call the SCI Center at the number above.

          We just received an update that the Veterans Benefits Offices at the Whipple building will no longer allow walk ins. An email was also sent to our benefit PVA office over there from National PVA asking them to advise their clients to call and not come in. The PVA office on the SCI Center has not been taking walk ins for the last week due to the limited access of the SCI Center and the no visitor policy. If you need help or have questions about your benefits during this time, please call the offices to speak to either Tami or Jason. They are continuing to help all of their clients at this time and will continue during this event. Tami can be reached @ 612-970-5668 and Jason can be reached @ 612-629-7022.

          For those of our members that have signed up to go this year’s National Veteran Wheelchair Games, as of now it has not been canceled. We are planning on going and still encouraging everyone who signed up to wait to see what happens. PVA and VA are monitoring this event closely and take your health and safety very seriously, if it requires them to cancel, they will not hesitate to do so. As soon as we know anything, we will continue to update you on what is going on.

          As for the Camp Ripley events the Spring Turkey Hunt has been canceled. Please watch for updates on the other Camp Ripley events. We will try and get word out as soon as we hear if any other Spring events will be canceled. The next event on their calendar that we have is the fishing trip to Ely at the beginning of May and then the Trolling for Troops fishing event at the beginning of June. If you are interested in these events, please contact the office and we can mail you an application or you can find one online on our website:

          As we continue to move forward right now and events are being canceled around us, like the Winter Sports Clinic, concerts, or any gathering over 10 people we want to ensure that our members have the most up to date information. We are getting our information right from the VA, MN, and WI Department of Health websites. I have signed up for emails and notifications so that I can make sure everyone has the correct information. Please realized that during this time it is very easy to believe rumors and other things that are posted online, so be careful in what you read. One of the big ones right now is that dogs can spread COVID-19, and this is untrue according to the CDC. If you are ever in doubt, please visit the following websites:

I’m sure right now you are hearing this on the radio, the TV and from any other source out there:

  • Wash your hands for soap and water for 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching you hands to anywhere on your face, especially your mouth, nose and eyes
  • Cover your cough or sneeze

If you are sick stay home and call your health care professional, if they tell you to come in follow their instructions

  • Limit you time in gathers even with the 6-foot space

We want everyone to stay healthy, safe, and happy during this time.

Stephanie Dennis

Executive Director

Minnesota Paralyzed Veterans of America.

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Our Board and Office

Our Board and Office

Our board and office staff are ready and willing to serve our members. If you have any questions, please contact us. 


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Our Board and Office

Our Board and Office

Founded in 1946, the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) is a national organization dedicated to serving former members of the U.S. Armed Forces who have suffered catastrophic paralysis as a result of spinal cord injury or disease. By Public law 92-93 (1971), the U.S. Congress charted PVA. 


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Our Board and Office

Our History

The Minnesota Paralyzed Veterans of America was granted chapter status in 1993. Our office is located within the Minneapolis VA Medical Center in Minneapolis, MN. Our current membership is over 300. The Minnesota PVA is an IRS, tax exempt - 501 (c) 3 organization registered with the State of Minnesota and as such all gifts are tax deductible. The National Paralyzed Veterans of America was founded in 1947, with a total membership of over 21,000 in all 50 states, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. PVA is the only congressionally chartered veterans service organization dedicated solely for the benefit and representation of individuals with spinal cord injury or disease.

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Any Veteran who is rated for a service-connected disability for which he or she uses prosthetic or orthopedic appliances may receive an annual clothing allowance.
The allowance is also available to any Veteran whose service-connected skin condition requires prescribed medication that irreparably damages the Veteran's outer garments.

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