Our programs

  • Administration
    MNPVA maintains an administrative office within the Minneapolis VA Medical Center, one Veterans Drive, SC 238, Minneapolis, MN 55417, to service the needs and interests of the membership. The office hours are from  Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Friday 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Office staff will be happy to assist MNPVA’s membership.
  • Advocacy
    MNPVA advocates for our members and the disabled community by remaining cognizant of local and national disability issues. We remain actively vigilant in assisting and representing our members regarding anything affecting their civil rights when issues regarding disabilities arise. MNPVA also maintains a vocal and visible presence on disability related issues in the community. We strive to vocally promote fair opportunity and equal access.
  • Communication
    MNPVA maintains active communication with our members and the disabled community through a variety of resources. We publish 7 newsletters and an annual report, hold meetings of the membership at various locations throughout the State of Minnesota, do special mailings to the membership when necessary and work with local disability organizations to ensure national and local information regarding disabled issues are provided to our membership.
  • Fundraising
    We continue to sell the Kelly Leg Bands (leg retainers) and Minnesota Bowling Ramps.

  • Liaison   MNPVA continues to have an excellent relationship with the Minneapolis VA Medical Center. The patients are visited Monday through Friday by some of our members and the National Service Officer visits them twice a week. MNPVA visits each VA Facility in the state to visit with patients there. We continually provide support for several recreational programs within our hospital and Veterans Homes throughout the State.
  • Membership
    MNPVA has an active membership throughout the state of Minnesota. We have general membership meetings throughout the state, the annual picnic is held in June and our annual banquet is held in October every year. We actively pursue new members and volunteers.
  • Sports and Recreation
    MNPVA maintains an active sport and recreation program for its members and all persons with disabilities, the ability to be active in sports or become involved with a recreational event. Our primary goal is to get the members involved whether young or old, and newly injured or long time wheelchair user. This program provides health benefits by keeping active, support among the members during each event and the camaraderie developed among the athletes at each event is priceless.  
  • Service Office
    We currently have a full time National  Service Officer (Jason Stephenson) and a National Service Officer III (Tami Anderson) to help veterans with their benefits and health care. Jim Arndt, Vocational Rehabilitation Coordinator is available Monday through Friday to assist the members who are seeking employment.